The reason we can be here is through the ongoing support of all those who continue to come for massage. And we think that deserve a discount from time to time, from massage, to our online store. See below for all our latest discounts!

Social Media

Look out for our various Social Medias whether it be Facebook, our Blog or Twitter etc. We occasionally post some great deals, so follow us to ensure you don't miss out!

PK Loyalty Scheme

All massage clients have a unique promotion code to use to access exclusive discounts on our PK Store! The more regular a client you are, the bigger the discount. But whether you're in the Ultimate League or Entry Standard, there's a discount for everyone.  We'll update you if you get promoted and can access a better discount! Discounts range from 5% to 33%. 

This discount/promotion is constantly changing. Your unique code will always remain the same. Just the discount may change. To find your unique code, give us a call/text/email. 


Only one discount can be used at any given appointment, including all those listed and any other promotions PowerKnapp maybe advertising.