Massage Plans

Here at PowerKnapp we offer Treatment plans which are then tailored to suit your specific needs. After your Initial Consultation, we propose which plan best reflects your situation by working out your Range of Movement (ROM) and conducting Special (or Joint) tests. These plans include Performance, Recovery and Maintenance. The differences between each plan are the aims, the recommended exercises, the frequency of massage and how we monitor your personal physical progress!

Plan #1: Referral

Nice positive place to start! But it is one of the most important plans. As great as we are, there are times during the Initial Consultation, that we identify issues which are out of our field. Here we will refer you to another profession which deal with the identified issue in greater depth and have a greater chance of successful treatment. We'll keep up to date with your progress.

Plan #2: Recovery Plan

The Recovery Plan is for those who experience muscular pain and have moderate to considerable limitation in movement. The frequency of massage can be weekly to fortnightly and the number of massages is determined by the amount of limitation shown during the Initial Consultation and the number of areas affected.

Plan #3: Strengthening Plan

A plan suited to those who are in pain, but not suffering from a lack of mobility and experience few indicators of tightness in the muscles.​ This plan gives clients the ability to improve their muscular strength to cope with day to day activity. The increase stability of the muscle and associated joints will reduce the pain. This plan includes monthly massage.

Plan #4: Performance Plan

A plan for those who are training or gearing up for an event and want to keep injury away. Such clients are not considered to have injuries (i.e. in pain during or outside exercise) or with considerable limitations in range of mobility around the joints. Massage sessions are frequent in the run to the event, averaging a weekly massage, including post event massage. Discharge will be based on the clients aims.

Plan #5: Maintenance Plan

For those with moderate limitations or less and experience only mild pain, whether it be work or exercise related. The frequency is determined by the client and is very flexible, however massages are to never be more than 6 weeks apart and the plan is designed for either 6 months or a year.

Plan #6: Prevention Plan

The Prevention Plan is for those who are at high risk of injury, but aren't suffering yet. This is determined by the amount of mobile limitation identified through various range of motion. This plan includes fortnightly massage with the aim to reduce the risk of injury considerably