Dartfish - My Bio-mechanical Calculator

Video Bio-mechanical Assessment

Having worked with Dartfish for a few years with ankle bio-mechanics, I knew I had to incorporate it as a key pillar to the PowerKnapp name - and something that sets the brand head and shoulders above other local massage therapists.

Dartfish allows PowerKnapp to quantify a clients mobility to help determine the best course of action. I can identify imbalances for not only me to see but for the client to also understand and appreciate. An experience that not many can say they offer.

Through Dartfish I can track progress for the both the client and myself.

It reinforces the benefits of massage and therefore the confidence clients have in my abilities.

If you are a prospective client looking for Sports Massage in Portsmouth area, PowerKnapp will help you get on the best treatment plan from the very start to ensure you get what you want, and need, from a Sports Massage. Experience the power and benefits of Dartfish technology with a human perspective.


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Portchester, UK

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