The Wonders of a 24/7 Sports Massage Service

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

For all of you who may have missed out, here at PowerKnapp, for the first two weeks of the year were offering a 24/7 service, whereby we would accommodate clients any time of the day they wished!

So, why? Other than our love to have our sleep patterns broken for two weeks (not…) it was a brilliant opportunity to tap into a very different but potential market. With the rise of gyms like PureGym and 24/7 fitness, people are now able to exercise well into the night and before dawn. The fitness environment has changed and so the time and way we train and keep fit has altered as well, but the sports therapy industry hasn’t shifted with this.

And there you go - ‘lightbulb’ moment (da-dah!). Lets get the clients determine our opening hours!

Although the service was only on for two weeks, it gave us valuable insight into the demands of the local people here in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. Come March we will adjust our core hours to reflect what we saw in those all-important two weeks.

As a new business, we are at the mercy of the demands of the clients. This isn’t anything profound, but it provided us with an opportunity to respect those demands and understand them and, subsequently adjust. Even with alarms at 2am in the morning, the knowledge that 24/7 fortnight provided us was motivation enough to push through!

Thanks to all who supported us during those tough two weeks! It was great fun, and as we grow, we want to reevaluate our hours once again - maybe March time…. *hint hint*

Look forward to seeing y’all at your next Sports Massage! :D

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