Week 6 - Interval Mad and... a Groin Strain :'(

What started off as a promising week ended with limps and (nearly) tears! With my mind focused on Intervals, the inevitable happened - I hurt myself. A groin strain right out of the blue. That's what I get for pushing myself on a limited warm up! And I was getting into a habit of foam rolling and stretching straight after each session! There was no major changes in regards to the plan this week for once! Although, saying that, inspired by the new injury, I'm tempted to run another blog where I discuss my niggles and injuries as we go and explain how to manage each of them if any of you have the pleasure of experiencing them in future... But we'll see - I'm a busy bee! ;)

So what caused the strain and what did I actually manage to do during the week?

Overall Summary:

# of Sessions: 7

Mileage: 8.6km

Calories: 866kc

Time Active: 4 hours 44 minutes 22 seconds

- I completed 4 Interval sessions - my most yet for any week. This was the downfall for my adductors. All where Phase 3.

- Powering on with Phase 4 running, I completed an additional 3 runs. I've only got a couple left before Phase 5.

- No Circuits this week (shocker!)

- 70 minutes of Maintenance which meant....


Phase 2 is totally done. Phase 3 won't be in any hurry to complete due to the groin strain as I'll need to rest and rehab the region. But that's another milestone down and now on-wards and upwards!

PowerKnapp and Massage

Massage this week was a little quieter than last, hitting 12.5 hours or an equivalent of ~ 3 hours worth of fitness for the week, making more room for general fitness. A solid week overall, but nothing that was going to massively interfere with my training.


As said above, I completed another 3 runs this week, all from Phase 4. The runs totalled about 3.4km. The runs were uneventful - but I was cautious. The start of the week I did interval after interval and it ended with my groin strain. So the runs after that incident

were restrained and not about time or speed at all, but about getting out and keeping moving. However, looking back, I should have given myself a few days to recover before attempting to run again - it was an unnecessary risk.

With two runs left for Phase 4, it looks like my pace has taken quite a beating from the longer distance and adductor strain. Ascent has also been a bit lackluster, but interestingly cadence is back down to 81, again could be reflecting the reduce turnover in the legs from the aches and pains!


This week was very uneventful for Circuit Training with no progress whatsoever. Still have 3 sessions left for Phase 4.


Now here comes trouble. After finally getting intervals off the ground last week, I wanted to continue the momentum by doing a bit of catch up work and polishing off Phase 3 for intervals. And with each interval, I seemed to get that little bit more confident and that little bit faster. Until the last one, which happened to still be the fastest of all of them, I felt that sudden loss of power and instead it was replaced with pain - the Left Adductor had had enough! But, still, what I did manage to do, I was very chuffed with, but annoyed I didn't just behave a little as I could have saved myself a lot of time and pain!

As said before, the intervals are great calorie burners and despite the injury I managed to bag two new training pb's (see below!). I've completed 6 of the 7 Interval sessions for Phase 3, so just one more to move to Phase 4.

The PB's Chart!

As promised last week, I've created a table to follow my progress over all major competing distances. From 60m to Marathon. Whether I do all of the distances in training or even competitively is uncertain, but I never like to say no - I'm open minded! My 10 miles mark feels very far away at this point!

So the new PB's are over 60m and 100m thanks to my improved confidence in my interval sessions! They aren't anything ground breaking, but this is another great way to keep on top of and monitor progress for any runner. I've also separated my best times in training and overall/race PB's. I should never push myself that hard that my training PB is faster than my race PB! Training runs don't have to be your best to ensure a PB come race day - that's why it's called training! My main problem atm is that I need to get more races in the diary!


Continuing the exciting stuff, for my bodily TLC, I had a really good week! I did 10 minutes with every sessions I did this week totalling 70 minutes worth, covering calves, ITB, traps, adductors, neck, lower back and chest - so a full range of different muscle groups. I'm feeling good for it, but now I'm entering rehab I need to keep this drive going if I'm ever going to make progress and get back to the speed training!

But the big achievement this week for Maintenance is that Phase 2 is finally complete. It's a big relief and a key milestone ticked off!


- Phase 1 - Complete

- Phase 2 - is now complete - if you hadn't already clocked that! ;) Which is one big step in the right direction with Maintenance all finally caught up.

- Phase 3 - Maintenance starts a new here with a lot of catching up to do. Interval training was so close yet so far with one session remaining, but, due to injury, that session may not be completed for a week or two.

- Phase 4 - Running is a few steps closer (literally!) to reaching Phase 5 and Circuits are still stuck here after seeing no progress whatsoever this week.

- Phase 5 - Massage Complete. Waiting for Running an Circuits to reach this stage. No Progress this week.

- Phase 6 - Massage Complete. No Progress fitness wise this week.

The main outcome of this week is fairly negative with the injury and all. But my focus will shift to Circuits and Running as I take an unwanted and unexpected break from intervals. But it's a learning curve and it adds to the experience of me trying to understand the hurdles a new runner may have when starting out. The first thing in injury - not to panic. And the second is to not get hung up about it - which I can definitely appreciate. But if you do find yourself with a strain and you're unsure with what to do, search out a sports therapist to get some advise from and some rehab exercises to help manage your injuries from home with the occasional check in.

But that's all from me this week! I'll update you all on my progress, and the status of my adductor, next week! - Week #7


Portchester, UK

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