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Whether you're a team player or run solo, don't let niggles get you down! CEP's Knee Sleeve reduces muscular damage around the knee from impact activities.  Coming off of injury? The Knee Sleeve will get you back on your feet again – and help you stay on them. A snug fit combined with silicone beading in the cuff minimises slippage while the medi compression stabilises your knee, reduces swelling and provides relief from pain and discomfort. 

Unisex CEP Knee Sleeve

  • Don't let those niggles get you down, keep them under wraps with the CEP ORTHO Knee Sleeve!


    - Knee joint stabilisation and relief from injuries and ailments

    - Improved microcirculation and reduced swelling

    - A snug stay-put fit during workouts and sports, minimising slippage


    Please acknowledge that this product is no substitute for seeing a trained practitioner if your pain is chronic or significant.

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