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CEP's Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves provide more comfort with every step – for sports or everyday use! The close fit from the medi compression will hug and stabilise your arch and reduce strain whilst keeping your sole and heel nicely padded, helping you to train and move with less pain through improved circulation and support. Specifically designed for past and present sufferers - or those with achy feet and early symptoms - maintain fitness, or quickly regain it again post Plantar Fasciitis with CEP!


Comes as a pair.

Unisex CEP Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves

  • Don't let those niggles get you down and slow your momentum. Keep them under wraps with the CEP Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves!


    - Arch support thanks to medi compression knit structure and protection against strains

    - Knitted massage zone in plantar fascia area for improved circulation

    - Perfect fit and superior comfort for everyday use and for workouts and sports


    Please acknowledge that no product is a substitute for seeing a trained practitioner if your pain is significant or chronic.

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What if I'm between sizes?

A good question. It's simple! Using the measurements for the given product, which size do you stray from the least? It can be tempting to go a size down, but compression and many other slim fit products are already tight and designed to be close to skin, so going too small doesn't necessarily mean better, and can make it uncomfortable. It's about consistency, so work out which size works out closest overall to your measurements and go for that one! 

Please note that the size guide are not for CloneTech tights which require a free fitting service. However, if you'd like to be fitted properly for any other product, we'll help for free too! Book here -


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