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When pushing yourself, it can be difficult to focus on tweaking your posture. CEP's freshly updated Wingtech Shirts have unique and specially designed Wingtech Stripes (areas of denser compression profiles) to encourage better posture, by promoting the development of the postural muscles in the upper back. With better ergonomic posture, you can breathe more freely to unleash your potential and train efficiently - all whilst reducing your risk of posture-related injuries. 

Men's CEP Wingtech Shirt

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  • - Unique SMART WINGTECH STRIPES that encourage ergonomic posture via sensorimotor stimulation to promote the development of postural muscles.

    - Better posture = breathe easier = training harder.

    - Reduces the risk of mild posture related injuries. 

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What if I'm between sizes?

A good question. It's simple! Using the measurements for the given product, which size do you stray from the least? It can be tempting to go a size down, but compression and many other slim fit products are already tight and designed to be close to skin, so going too small doesn't necessarily mean better, and can make it uncomfortable. It's about consistency, so work out which size works out closest overall to your measurements and go for that one!&nb