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Available in WATERMELON, CITRUS,  MANGO, COCONUT and BERRY flavours.


Hydrate effectively with SOS. Not only do we lose water throughout the day, but also lots of important ions, like sodium and magnesium, which are necessary for bodily functions. SOS doesn't only help increase the uptake of water, but also replenishes these lost ions with no artificial ingredients. .


Focus more, train harder and recover faster from training, or that odd hangover!!


The 10 and 20 packs contain sachets which are great for sharing and are done by portion for convenience, whilst the 50 serving tub comes with a handy portion scoop to help you gauge portion sizes better!

SOS Electrolyte Drink Powder - Berry

Flavour: Berry
  • -Avoid headaches, tiredness and fatigue.

    -Rehydrate effectively with 3 x the electrolytes, but only 1/6 of the sugars and calories than the rest of the market. Meeting and exceeding the World Health Organisation standard for an Oral Rehydration Solution.

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