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CloneTech Compression 


PowerKnapp is a trained retailer and fitter of CEP CloneTech Recovery Tights, meaning we can size you up for the most effective recovery compression on the market - with a seriously custom and unique twist!

We will complete 15 measurements on your legs and discuss other variables, including open toes box and initial printing, based on your preferences. The fitting is free, and after the fitting the information will be sent off and within 3 weeks you will receive your custom, made-to-measure, ultra-personalised recovery tights that are for you and no one else, all for £160.  

It's the best of the sport retail and therapy world coming together, and as a Sport Therapist, you can trust us to ensure all measurements are flawless and your CloneTech Tight are a perfect match.

Book Now below for your fitting and one step closer to getting your personalised road to recovery-on-the-go!

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Terms and Conditions

The fitting is free, but by the end of the session a full deposit of £160 will be required to lock in the purchase. After that, the deposit is only partially refundable as the product will be unique to you and unsuitable for resale. A copy of the fitting sheet will only be provided if the deposit has been made. But if you decide during the fitting that Clonetech isn't for you, just tell us! You don't have to pay anything unless you are certain it's what you want. No hard feelings.