Mediums refer to the substances we use to help with Sports Massage. There are several forms of mediums that can be used. Below, we explain the ones we use and some of the perks each of them have!


The first medium used at PowerKnapp was Oil. Oil is deeply nourishing to the skin and is easily absorbed. It provides high glide and warms up very quickly, so it can provide a very pleasant and smooth experience. It's great on smooth skin, but the main downside is - hair! As Sports Massage Therapists, hair and oil can make our hands feel like they are eroding with every stroke!

The only base oil we use is Grapeseed oil, due its odourless qualities and the lack of allergens. 

Lotions and Creams

Lotions or Creams are thicker mediums which are good for the skin and also provide a smooth glide across skin, even if it's hairy! Due to it's thicker qualities, it can take time to work into the muscles but once it is, it's very economical as you don't need as much of it to last a session!


And no - not that type of wax! The massage wax used in sports massage is a blend of oils and wax like substances which produce an excellent glide, whilst warming up quickly and are very durable. From a therapists point of view, massage waxes are the premium medium to use! These often contain lots of fragrances and even allergens, so if you have sensitive skin, please let us know before we use them on you.