Sports Massage

30 minutes

The efficient and effective 30 minutes. It's our shortest session - what's so good about it?

It's a brilliant session for those clients with few pains and isolated issues. If there's only a couple of body parts to focus on, 30 minutes will be able to tackle an area effectively. If you need work from head to toe, you're maybe better off with the longer sessions - but if you need a quick top up that's easy on the wallet, 30 minutes is a good way to go!

So what will a 30 minute Sports Massage include?

This depends where you are on the road to recovery. If you have limitations in mobility, it maybe better of spent with a full treatment to one area, including advanced massage techniques, MET (muscular energy technique) to improve mobility and other methods such as TriggerPoint Therapy and STR (soft tissue release) if applicable to your condition.

If you have an event, completed your treatment plan or simply have nothing to improve on and it's all about prevention, we can look at maintenance style session where we pick two regions to work on, but keep the techniques simple and more focused to maintain the muscle quality, rather than improve it. 

Sound good? If so, scroll down and book in!

Looking for something a little more intense? Check out what we can do in our 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. If it's your first time at PowerKnapp, you'll need an Initial Consultation first - CLICK HERE!


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'...extremely knowledgeable and informative... friendly and compassionate to your needs with no pushy sales techniques.' 

'I would highly recommend PowerKnapp.... to improve your performance and avoid picking up injuries'

'Very patient...brilliant therapist, not a pushy salesperson in sight and far more affordable than anywhere else that I could find!'


'Within a couple of sessions my lower back was more flexible and pain free for the first time in years. I couldn't recommend enough.'

Client @Google

Sports massage is one of the best methods to aid recovery from post exercise aches and pains. It encourages greater blood flow to the muscles to help break down unwanted ...
Sports Massage - 30 minutes
30 min