Sports Massage
- 90 minutes

It's the real deal. The big 9-0. Just you, your knots and PowerKnapp. With so much time, how will the session plan out?

A session built for those with a long list of problems spanning a variety of regions. Our most thorough session to date, and many a client has braved it - and lived to tell the tale... It's not that bad really! In fact it's our best value for money out of our massages, and it launches you forward in terms of physical progress towards your goal whether it be pain free or simply to improve your flexibility. 

So what will a 90 minute Sports Massage include?

This depends where you are on the road to recovery. If you have limitations in mobility, it maybe better of spent with a full treatment to THREE areas, including advanced massage techniques, MET (muscular energy technique) and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) to improve mobility and other methods such as TriggerPoint Therapy, STR (soft tissue release) and PR (Positional Release) if applicable to your condition.

If you have an event, completed your treatment plan or simply have nothing to improve on and it's all about prevention, we can look at maintenance style session where we pick SIX regions to work on, but keep the techniques simple and more focused to maintain the muscle quality, rather than improve it. 

Or alternatively, combine! It's not uncommon for us to spend half the session on deep tissue work on two areas, and spend the rest on some maintenance. See, we are very adaptable! 

Sound good? If so, scroll down and book in!

Feel that a little much? Check out what we can do in our 30 minute and 60 minute sessions! 


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'A first class service from a first class masseur' 

'Happily refer...fellow runners ..for any injury treatment or just to get a great deep tissue massage to improve movement and training progression'

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Sports massage is one of the best methods to aid recovery from post exercise aches and pains. It encourages greater blood flow to the muscles to help break down unwanted ...
Sports Massage - 90 mins
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