Foam Rolling - your Painful Best Friend

As good as a Sports Massage is for you recovery, it isn’t the full solution to your aches, pains and niggles. Sometimes, you need to do some homework!

Yes, a good Sports Massage (from yours truly ;) ) will keep your body on form, but the progress doesn’t have to stop there! Foam rolling is a brilliant, low-cost of doing this outside the clinic. It’s basically a form of self-massage. It won’t go as deep as a sports masseurs elbow, but it’s still undeniably effective.

The most effective time to foam roll is relatively soon after exercise or when the muscles are warm and relaxed. This will increase the chances of breaking down any waste products like lactic acids in the muscles by introducing fresh oxygenated blood into the area. Foam rolling does this by squeezing the deoxygenated blood away from the muscles back to the heart, and encouraging new blood to fill the space!

“What happens if I foam roll away from the heart?”- don’t worry, your body’s got you covered with a wondrous piece of evolution. Your veins have values which prevent the blood flowing backwards. Blood in the veins has to fight against gravity to get back to the heart, so without those little values, we’d b

e in a lot of trouble!

The benefits of investing the time into foam rolling is substantial. It doesn’t need to be long and it can be done in front of the TV etc. Try and mix up different muscle groups and see if you can feel the benefits. Foam rollers come in all shapes and sizes (and colours!). You’ll feel more bouncy, less sluggish and ready to take your next training session to the next level!

The best Sports Massage is a PowerKnapp (well, we think so at least…!). So you Portsmouth lot better get rolling!

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