ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy - Importance of Continuous Learning

Last week, I received my ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy. I had given it to my parents and, for my birthday, they framed it - which is for the best as the last one ended up getting folded…. eek :/

Level 4 is the second highest vocational qualification specifically devoted to Sports Massage, and it was tough. It was an intense course, meaning that it only took 3 months to complete, however, it was condensing a years worth of work down into three months!

The main difference between Level 3 and 4 was the ability to learn methods that would go on to actually improve a clients condition. Level 4 has given PowerKnapp the tools not to only massage a client, but to assess their condition thoroughly and use a variety of techniques to aid their recovery including TriggerPoint Therapy, Soft Tissue Release and Muscular Energy Techniques.

Level 4 required an essay on the pros and cons of various heat/cryotherapy treatments, as well as a minimum of 25 hours of case studies. 25 massages is easy, but writing in the detail to the expectation of the examiners made each case study a mountain to climb.

Then there was the exam. My first ever practical assessment ever. Someone watching as I massage a client o my choice, probing and asking questions about what I was doing and why, whilst also asking irrelevant questions about the anatomy of the body. It was tense, and I got through it in one piece!

I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the drain it had on everyday life. It was an invaluable experience to the business and now Portsmouth has one very capable masseur at it’s arsenal! And through all the thick and thin, you get a bit of paper with your name on it ;)

Roll on Level 5! :D

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