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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

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The NB 1080v9 is out now. The main changes from the 1080v8 model include:

- The fit has become a touch more fitted

- The weight has decreased by 17g to 284g

- Price has increased by £10 to £135

- More shoes have subsequently been released that are similar to the 1080v9

Despite these changes, the PowerKnapp Rating has remained at 90/100

I'll admit. When New Balance first launched Fresh Foam, I had mixed emotions. The science and the approach to developing it was innovative and intriguing, so I totally bought into it. But when it came to actually trying the shoes (I believe they were the NB 980's then), I just didn't feel excited about it - simply, they felt bland and a bit boring. But, I'll give it to them. NB have tweak and adapted Fresh Foam, keeping true to the original science and infrastructure to produce now one of the more popular cushioning systems on the market. And, given how well the v7's sold, you know they must be on to something! So how does the New Balance 1080v8 hold up? I went back to the good ol'Runners Need store in Port Solent to find out!

Quick Stats:

Price: £125

Cushioning: Premium

Weight: 301g (Size UK8)

Stability: Neutral

Durability: High (~450 miles)

Offset: 8mm

Stack Height: Medium - 27mm (Heel) - 19mm (Toe)

Surface: Road

Fit: Standard

Waterproof: No


Similar Shoes: 361 Degrees Spinject, Adidas PureBoost GO, Asics RoadHawk FF 2, On Cloudsurfer, Reebok OSR Sweet Road SE, Saucony Echelon 6


- Brilliant value for money for a premium high mileage shoe

- Size range is excellent with multiple additional widths available for both men and women

- Lightweight for a premium mileage shoe

- Good stack height for the long miles

- Fit is perfect - couldn't fault it.

- Offset is a touch steep

- Not a very unique shoe with a few others filling a similar niche

Cushioning and Fit:

If you hadn't already guessed, the cushioning in the 1080v8 is Fresh Foam. A cushioning designed by sophisticated technology and software which processed data of thousands of runners on treadmill, analysing the biomechanics of each runner's gait and stride. From this data, they simulated and created a cushioning tackling the main pressure points in a typical running shoes midsole, so, across the shoe there will be slightly different densities to help give the shoe a firm but stable feel underfoot.

The fit of shoe is as standard as they come. It maybe a touch snug at the heel and a bit roomy in the toe box. This is the result of the engineered mesh which has a moulded foam collar (hence the snugger heel) and a no-sew bootie fit for a generous toe box, giving the 1080v8 the seamless ride it claims to be! But otherwise, it's suitable to almost all runners. If you think that your foot would still be too narrow or too wide, don't fret! These shoes are available in 5 WIDTHS! From 2A all the way to B, D, 2E and 4E! So if standard fit and your thing, NB has your back!


Despite it's ingenious Fresh Foam midsole and having a firmer ride, this shoe still remains Neutral, allowing your ankle to go where it desires. The sturdy feel and build of this shoe could be beneficial to very mild pronators, but it's primarily built for neutral road runners.

Stack Height and Offset:

The 1080v8 doesn't like to be overstated and this remains true right down it's stack height. The stack height is pretty standard. The heel sits a modest 2.7cm above the ground, the toe at 1.9cm. The offset is 8mm, so again, more towards the middle ground, neither steep nor shallow, so a brilliant shoe for those just starting out or those looking to step down from those high offset shoes, like Mizuno.


Surfaces and Durability:

With new and improved flex grooves on the blown rubber sole, the 1080v8 overcomes any premature sole wearing from previous models. The durability remains high, reaching up to 500 solid miles of hard work. As ever, you can take these shoes off road, but they are primarily designed for the tarmac and pavement, so, if you want to preserve the 1080's durability, keep it to the roads.

NB 1080v8 SPECIAL EDITION - London

If you're looking to get a high mileage, above-average cushioned shoe for your every day running, it maybe a shoe worth considering. NB have come a long way and now develop some of the best shoes in the running world. Plus ,if you have awkward sized feet, maybe the 1080v8 provides you with the answer (and width!) you've been looking for!

You can check out the New Balance 1080v8 at the brands website here:

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