New Year, New Bed! A Step Up in Sports Massage Performance

It may not seem like a big deal, but this investment has been a long time coming! Since the start, I purchased a portable massage table from Costco (love a bit of Costco!) and it has been exceptional. It was brilliant value for money and it’s portability was perfect for me being in training and offering more of a mobile service.

Having settled into a premises, all the issues the bed had were more noticeable that ever which the new bed has no issues with!

The new bed from Quirumed is brilliant. It can sit up right for one! It’s electric height adjust-ability means I can seamlessly adjust the bed height to all accommodate for all sorts of clients, positions and techniques. Not to mention it helps people get on and off the bed easier too!

The main perks:

1. The new bed can sit up right! :D Clients previously had to always be lying either face up or down. Which, for 80% of the time, is totally fine, but it meant some routines and techniques couldn’t be properly utilised as they required a more seated and upright position. The new bed maximises my abilities rather than inhibits them.

2. It can be height adjusted! The old bed couldn’t be adjusted height wise (well, not easily!). If the bed isn’t set at a good height, it plays all sorts of havoc with my back and posture. Making harder to maintain form and hence the ability to apply the right pressure. I had to unscrew all the feet and then adjust the bed manually, one leg at a time. This is time consuming, and, after all that effort, you may find it’s still not quite right! The new bed can be put at the right height in seconds.

To a client, the type of bed may not feel that important. True, both the beds I have are very comfortable. But the new one is reinvesting for not only my health benefits but it unlocks all of my skills to help ensure I’m treating clients to the best of my ability but having all my techniques at my arsenal!

Look forward to seeing some of you Portsmouth people soon! You get a totally new Sports Massage Experience in PowerKnapp! :D

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