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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The On Cloudflow has been a major temptation from the moment I first saw it. Sleek, comfortable and unbelievably light. On Running is a brand I trust and totally buy into after having a pair of On Clouds myself! They really do know how to put a brilliant piece of engineering together. The upper, the innovative cushioning and how it moulds together is flawless. So when I saw it on the shelf at the Runners Need store in Port Solent, I knew I had to give it a test run!

Quick Stats:

Price: £120

Cushioning: Standard

Weight: 232g (Size UK8)

Stability: Neutral

Durability: Performance (~350 miles)

Offset: 6mm

Stack Height: 22mm (Heel) - 16mm (Toe)

Surface: Road

Fit: Standard

Waterproof: No


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- Good Value for money

- Size range is fairly limited, no extra widths available

- Very lightweight

- Perfect stack height for an uptempo/performance shoe

- Fit is almost perfect, a smidgen on the snug side

- Offset is a perfect all rounder for both current low and high offset runners

- Several other shoes with a similar niche

Cushioning and Fit:

Cloudtec is definitely the quirkiest cushioning system on the mainstream running market - no brand comes close to manufacturing something as bold and as simply unique as the CloudTec made from their own 'Zero- Gravity' EVA Foam - a brilliant and relevant marketing name/tactic right there! The Cloudflow in particular has 18 of these Clouds which each give independent cushioning and bounce with greater emphasis to the heel, but still offering above-average cushioning for the forefooters among you! However, the below average stack height does make the ride firmer, but the incredible lightness offsets this a little! Despite the fussy and rather extraordinary look of the sole, the cushioning is surprisingly comfortable and smooth to run on - I thought I'd feel all of the individual pods underneath, but, alas, the shoes were to the point, transitioned well through the gait cycle and felt anything but fussy!

The fit of shoe is a touch snug on the heel but otherwise is pretty all-round in fit - it isn't wide but not narrow either and so should fit the majority of foot types.


The stability in this shoe is neutral to it's core. The stability features in this shoe are minimal, allowing the foot to find it's natural flow - hence its name the Cloud'flow'. The patented Speedboard technology and design gives the shoe responsive flexibility and rocker which promotes natural rolling and aims to max your biomechanical efficiency.

Stack Height and Offset:

The stack height for this shoe is fairly low, with the heel only sitting 2.2cm above the ground, making this shoe, although well cushioned, a firmer, close-to-the-ground kinda ride. Given the shoe is a more of a performance shoe built for up-tempo runs, that's not a bad thing as it makes for a quicker heel-to-toe transition and a more responsive feel.

The stack height is slap bang in the middle of the market sitting at 6mm, showing off the shoes versatility and makes a perfect transition shoe to lower offsets an for first time runners.

Surfaces and Durability:

The Cloudflow is build for performance. It is the love child of a high mileage training shoe and a racer- a shoe that meets the demands of both! The durability for that matter is pretty solid, lasting a good 350 miles before considering replacing. Due to the nature of the cushioning, and the sole for that matter, the Cloudflow is primarily built for Road, Track and Treadmill. You can obviously take it off road, but you risk reducing the mileage and lifetime of the shoe.

If you're looking to experiment with something light, fast but can take a good number of miles, the Cloudflow should certainly be considered. It's perfect for racking up those tempo run miles and would be a fine addition to any keen runners collection!

You can check out the On Cloudflow at the brands website here:


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