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Updated: Feb 14

Hello all!

2021 proved to be yet another very challenging year with another long lockdown and ongoing disruption to my sports massage services and my flexibility in general. But, as the year progressed, Sports Massage found it's rhythm again, riding the momentum to go on to have the busiest month ever in November - an unexpected but marvellous milestone! A milestone that helped me rediscover my passion and helped me find my confidence after all the anxiety 2020 and 2021 threw at me. And with this new found momentum and rekindled passion, I want to shake things up for PowerKnapp in 2022. And am I excited to show these visions off soon...

But first...

Prices and Discount Changes -

Coming in for 21st February 2022

Not much is changing here to the core prices, however, I am making tweaks to the Initial Consultation, discounts and call out fees to reduce confusion in pricing and to more accurately reflect the time dedicated to these services:

- Initial Consultation to go from £35 to £43.

- Treatment Plan and Referral Discounts to go from 20% and 25% respectively to 15%

- Additional Call Out Fee to increase from 45p per mile to 50p per mile.

Keeping the Formula Fresh & Fun!

Since hitting a high last November, I've been thinking a lot about the clinic room, the business and how to use space optimally; I always try to ensure each session is informative, productive, but also upbeat and fun. And hence, I'm looking at adding quality of life changes to the way I work to keep the sessions engaging and different without distracting or compromising the high quality physical therapy I strive to deliver. And these changes will be entirely optional, so if you feel like the sessions are already perfect, don't fret! Such changes include music, beverages and aromatic diffusers so you can tailor and customise your session to your liking.

Music - Vinyl Player - Bring your own!

Anyone who's been with me long enough knows I love music. Personally, I've been meaning to immerse myself more and invest in a Vinyl Player - which has now become a reality. I'll have albums on hand, but bring your own and 'enjoy' your sports massage with the music of your choosing!

Hot Drinks!

Another personal investment we've made! At the end of each session, a Coffee or Hot Chocolate are available to those who ask to help wake you up post pummelling!

Aromatic Diffuser

Whilst I'm not going down the aromatherapy route in regards to treatment, many may appreciate that smell is an important part in trying to relax - not that there's too much relaxing in some of my sessions! 😅 It's a small extra, but one that can elevate the session to be more comfortable and/or calming - depending on the scent used in the session!

To ensure that the business and the session formula remains dynamic and fresh: every week will bring a new album, scent and coffee, all displayed by a board on the wall for you to take advantage of if you so choose, whilst continuing to conduct and provide the usual quality and professionalism of the sessions.

Scheduled Treatment Room Upgrades

I also want to make various tweaks to the room to optimise the space and bring back some life into the room! To do all this properly and concisely, I'll be taking a week off in February (week commencing the 14th) to do this. When I return, the price/discount changes will also come into action, giving you all over a month's notice.

Other Projects/News

The PowerKnapp Store is undergoing a makeover and, whilst will still continue trading strongly in-clinic and online, will take up considerably less space within the clinic room, to shift focus back on the Sports Massage. The priority for you guys is the sports massage and I want the room to reflect that, and hence the space to improve the experience rather than dilute it with other projects!

PowerKnapp will also begin looking into changing up the mediums used in sessions, to reduce waste from plastics but also to maximise quality and versatility offering aromatic options but also hypoallergenic ones in case of those with sensitive skin or allergies. This may take time to implement but is a goal to at least make some headway with this year.

A Note on Covid!

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid, it is expected all those who hope to receive a sports massage with me are to wear a mask. It's not just my business, but my home and my health. Moreover, if I have to self isolate, it causes chaos to my diary and a hell lot of stress financially. I have spare masks at all times in case you forget.

If you need to refresh your memory on what is expected of you regarding Covid and PowerKnapp, see the blog post here:


I update this when any changes come into play.

I'll let you to to enjoy your 2022! I'm certainly looking forward to mine!


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