Saucony Ride ISO 2 Review - The No-Fuss, Reliable Everyday Trainer

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Saucony released the ISO tagline years ago to promote their innovative and adaptive upper fit, originally only utilised in their more premium revamps such as the Triumph. But as time has passed, and with every year that goes by, Saucony adds more of their staple and successful models to join the ISO family. And recently this included the Ride series. As a proud owner of the now outdated Ride 9, I was really intrigued to see what the difference felt between the regular models and it's ISO successor. It's also the second iteration of the ISO version, meaning any issues with the original transition to the ISO have the opportunity to be tweaked. So how did it compare? Spoiler: Very favourably!

Quick Stats:

Price: £120

Cushioning/Type: Standard/Everyday Training

Weight: 273g (Size UK8)

Stability: Neutral

Durability: High (~450 miles)

Offset: 8mm

Stack Height: Medium - 28mm (Heel) - 20mm (Toe)

Surface: Road

Fit: Perfect!

Waterproof: No


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- Excellent value for money compared to similar high durability off-road shoes

- Size range is below average; offers no variation of widths.

- Weight is excellent, breaching that boundary between lightweight durability!

- Perfect Stack Height for durability and long miles

- The fit is perfect for the average foot shape. Only very wide/narrow feet may have an issue

- Heel Offset is just slightly elevated lower than some would like

- Not a particularly niche shoe, with other brands offering many adequate alternatives with similar specifications

Cushioning and Fit:

The cushioning for the Ride remains Saucony's premium EVERUN Topsole, like it has been even before the ISO upgrade. EVERUN is Saucony's foam based technology geared toward spring and energy return, their answer to Adidas' Boost. Lightweight, it also provides a layer of plushness to the otherwise fairly firm midsole from the denser shock absorber PWRFOAM. The cushioning is notably plusher and has upgraded since the Ride 9, somewhat justifying the price rise.

But, as said, it is the fit that brings the ISO to the Ride. ISOFIT is a dynamic upper construction which allows a secure feel whilst allowing the foot to mobilise freely without obstruction. This has also been enhanced for this model with FORMFIT, which builds on the ISOFIT legacy, allowing further adaptive fit throughout the foot motion. What this actually means in regards to feel, I'm certainly not complaining as it was such a perfect fit. No slips, no dead-foot tightness - and I'm very picky when it comes to comfort with my shoes! It's not fussy, if anything a little plain, but it hugs the feet excellently, and is ready to pound some pavement straight out the box.


The Ride ISO 2, like all its model before, is neutral in stability. Whilst the firmer yet lightweight cushioning gives a hint of stability, they most certainly don't deliver anything bio-mechanically altering.

Stack Height and Offset:

The Ride ISO 2 has a fairly standard offset of 8mm. This reflects a slow transition away from higher offset shoes. The stack height is also really good; the offset (20mm -28mm) giving you plenty of protection and cushioning underfoot. It's effective stack height without adding unnecessary weight or being too bare to delivery on the mileage it is expected to achieve.

Surfaces and Durability:

The Saucony Ride ISO 2 is designed for Road. This means, whilst you can take it off road, anything off road will negatively impact the life of these shoes through the additional wear and tear which is simply not designed to tackle, particularly rough and uneven surfaces like gravel. Also, you may find yourself like Bambi in the mud due to lack of grip!! The Ride also has the typical, effectively placed carbon blown rubber for optimal durability upon initial heel contact. If used appropriately, the Ride ISO 2 will cruise you to the 450 mile mark.

The Saucony Ride ISO 2 is a great little update, ultimately offering a brilliant all round experience. It's not overly plush or fussy, it's straight to the point, lightweight durability. If you're looking for a comfortable shoe to transition away from the traditional higher offsets like most keystone Asics, Adidas and Nike, the Ride ISO 2 is well worth a try!

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