Treatment Beyond the Clinic Room - Introducing PhysioTec

The Exercise Regime for your Recovery

Injury can be a frustrating time, but also a constant concern for those who compete regularly and those who can feel their aches and pains developing as each day passes. In addition to Sports Massage, we endeavour to educate our clients, making them understand the issues they face better. To reinforce this, we give you the tools to maintain good form and keep injury a bay through exercises.

PhysioTec is a software we use to cherry pick the exercises we believe will do you the most justice. It’s a brilliant software which organises hundreds of exercises by region, movement and aim. Saving us time, and getting you the best exercises in record time!

The exercises come with images and descriptions, making it easy for you. Some require equipment, which we will be able to provide on loan!

If you still don’t understand them, we’ll be here to happily help!

Why keep progress in the clinic room ,when you could be doing something about your aches/niggles/injuries for free, every day of the week? As much as we’d love to see you, our priority is to make you better and get the people of Hampshire back to doing the things you all love the most as quickly as we can without cutting corners!

Book a Sports Massage now and make an active decision to make 2018 injury free!

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